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KubeCon 2017 was last week in beautiful Austin, TX. There, we heard a number of exciting announcements. Here are our favorites:

The talks for KubeCon are now available on Cloud Native Compute Foundation’s YouTube channel. Enjoy.

RIP Net Neutrality

To the disappointment of many, the FCC reversed their 2015 decision regarding Net Neutrality. “The federal government will no longer regulate high-speed internet delivery as if it were a utility, like phone service” says this New York Times article describing the decision Thursday and it’s effects.

Efforts are underway to send a repeal of this decision to a vote via the Congressional Review Act, headed by New York senator Charles Schumer (D). For more information be sure to see this Reuters article.

ReInvent 2017

If you were looking to recap or relive some of the sessions from this year’s AWS ReInvent, you’re in luck. Content from the event is available on YouTube, so don’t miss out.

Our favorite announcements this year were Fargate, EKS, and Golang support for Lambda.


Speaking of Golang, here are a few of our favorite articles from the past few weeks.


Holiday greetings!
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