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At ModularSystems, we enable any team to have the same operational excellence as Google or Netflix. We've seen that making scalability, reliability, observability, and security core to your infrastructure allows teams to focus on what matters most; building your product, not your infrastructure.

With our platform, you can easily set up monitors and alerts, see any current vulnerabilities in your images, and ship broken code without taking down your production environment. With our setup, your network is monitored automatically for errors, and can route traffic to other networks within your infrastructure to avoid segmentation issues and more.

Our Team

Joey Bates

Joey Bates has a decade of experience in fast pace organizations including Fortune 500s and start-ups alike. Joey is a certified AWS Solutions Architect, an open source advocate, and excels with Infrastructure as Code.

Ryan Hartje

Ryan Hartje has a passion for cloud infrastructure automation and container technologies. He spends his free time contributing to projects that help test infrastructure code, and Kubernetes projects like Helm Charts.

Ryan has worked for large scale hosting companies and shares years of container and monitoring experience.


Why Choose Us?

Our values are being trustworthy, open, and giving. We believe in delivering our all to our customers so we can grow together.

But beyond our values, our expertise and experience in the industry is among the best. We offer modern solutions that will last, supporting your team into the future.

If you're wondering what we can help with, here is a short list of things we've helped companies with recently:

  • Ansible playbook modification and refactoring for testing
  • Bare Metal to Cloud migration
  • Building a CI/CD Pipeline
  • Containerizing applications
  • Distributed storage solutions
  • Modeling your infrastructure as code
  • Monitoring your application
  • Reducing Costs
  • Scaling infrastructure effectively

The way we work is by setting up a Kubernetes, a container orchestration technology, alongside your current environment. We then provide the minimal access needed between your environment and Kubernetes to accomplish your goals.

Using Kubernetes to deliver your needs allows us to work quickly and effectively, allowing us to deliver much more for way less. We have found this to provide the most value to us and our customers while minimizing costs.

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