How to contain your love for OpenVPN and Kubernetes

Introduction Does your developer team make you want to drop all internet traffic to dev and head to the bar? Is your security team pestering you to put a VPN endpoint into your cloud network to encrypt your network traffic? For those less familiar, VPNs are virtual private networks which work by providing two functions, […]

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December Newsletter

Hello again internet, KubeCon KubeCon 2017 was last week in beautiful Austin, TX. There, we heard a number of exciting announcements. Here are our favorites: MetaParticle – A standard library for defining Kubernetes deployments in your code Vault Kubernetes Backend – A Vault implementation for Kubernetes Secrets Mutual TLS with Istio – Automatically encrypt traffic between […]

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Power of CI/CD Pipelines

CI/CD in the DevOps Toolbox

Why CI/CD Pipelines? CI/CD, or Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are two approaches to delivering code/features iteratively. The perceived benefits of CI/CD include faster request to feature times, and quicker feedback cycles for product. Continuous integration is the process of constantly merging code into the master trunk. Continuous delivery is the constant deploying of tested […]

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Securing secrets with python and vault


About Vault Admit it, you’ve been there before. You’re working on a codebase that requires a password, and you think; “there must be a better way of storing our password than on disk”. One answer to this problem is Vault, from Hashicorp, the makers of popular software like Vagrant, Terraform, and more. Vault allows you to add and […]

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